Sulphur Times-Democrat

By Congressman Tom Cole

Contrary to some of the overheated rhetoric coming out of the White House and the Democratic side of the aisle in Congress, the United States does not currently lack the resources to confront the Zika virus. While some have disingenuously suggested otherwise, the Administration already has money at its disposal right now to respond to the emergency. But I am also pleased to report that last week House Republicans passed a fiscally-responsible solution for the ongoing Zika crisis in order to protect those most vulnerable.

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By Jamie Petitti

When most gardeners see a bunch of bugs, their first impulse is to run for the spray can - - and saturate the entire area with chemicals that will “kill ‘em dead.” But - - who’s getting killed? The more one reads and studies about the harmful and lasting effects of pesticides to man, it makes us wish for a ‘better’ and ‘safer’ way to grow our food. Many of these better methods are described in books such as “ The Basic Book of Organic Gardening” or “ Gardening With Wildfire”. The amazing thing is that once you read such information, it makes you wonder why we ever discarded the simple, down-to-earth ways that work so effectively - - in favor of the deadly chemicals.

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