Sulphur Times-Democrat

by Dennis Muncrief

Several years ago I was walking through the Oaklawn Cemetery north of Sulphur taking a registry of the Civil War veterans buried there. As I walked through the old stones, one name rang a bell. The old marble slab read simply: William M. Guy, Co F, 17th Mississippi Infantry, CSA I thought to myself, “could this be “the” William Guy?” I went home and did a little research and discovered that it was indeed the William Guy.

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by Congressman Tom Cole

More than six years after Obamacare was signed into law and forced upon the American people, the outlook for the law looks even bleaker than before. Throughout its implementation, millions of Americans have directly felt the negative consequences of the president’s unworkable law through lost coverage, unfair mandates and higher premiums. In fact, the already ridiculous premiums resulting from Obamacare are expected to see another dramatic increase in the coming year.

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