Sulphur Times-Democrat

by Congressman Tom Cole 

With mounting global crises that threaten our nation’s safety and security, we must remember that we face an equal if not greater threat right here in our own country. In addition to the rise of dangerous terrorist groups in the Middle East, the surge of unaccompanied illegal minors at our southern borders over the summer, the consistent bullying of Ukraine by Russia and the rampant spread of Ebola in West Africa, our nation is also drowning in more than $17.8 trillion of debt.

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By Jamie Petitti 

Have you ever wondered what kind of a pioneer you would have made if you had lived back when our country was being settled? I know what I would have been, a total “wash out.” No one would ever want me to go along I’m sure. It’s bound to have taken lots of NERVE to leave familiar surroundings and loved ones and head out toward a new land that no one knew much about. It’s no wonder that the early pioneers had a FEAR of nature, for their small homes were weak fortresses against the vast wilderness and it was strictly up to them to overcome the elements of nature such as droughts, floods, cold as well as disease, starvation and just plain “getting lost.”

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