Sulphur Times-Democrat

By Dennis Muncrief

This week we have the Indian Pioneer Paper of Dinah Frazier, a Chickasaw woman. This oral history was recorded by W.P.A. fieldworker John Daugherty on May 18, 1937 at Mrs. Frazier’s residence in Mill Creek. My father was Jim Lewis. He was born in Mississippi, but I don’t know by mother’s maiden name. She was born in Mississippi. Father was a stockman. There were four children. I was born in 1856 at Gum Springs on Oil Creek, near Sulphur, Chickasaw Nation.

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By Congressman Tom Cole

After seven long years, the damaging consequences of President Obama’s liberal agenda and policies become even more glaring by the day. Instead of confronting the serious challenges that desperately needed his attention, leadership and willingness to work with the legislative branch after he took the oath of office, the president has chosen throughout the entirety of his administration to ignore some of the most pressing issues facing the American people. As a result of his misguided priorities, President Obama has greatly complicated the solutions required to get the country back on track.

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