Sulphur Times-Democrat

by Congressman Tom Cole

There are some dates that you remember with complete clarity for the rest of your life. Without question, Oklahomans will never forget where we were and what we were doing on April 19, 1995. The memory of that day 20 years ago will remain permanently imprinted in my mind as long as I live.

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by Dennis Muncrief

Forrest Townsley was the first Park ranger in the Reserve hired on June 18th, 1904. Robert Earl was the second ranger hired on January 24th, 1906. Earl was hired at the prevailing wage of $60 per month and $12 per month for his horse. Ranger Townsley had furnished two private animals, at his own expense, used in patrolling the Park. Superintendent Swords wrote to the Secretary asking that the rangers who furnished private animals receive an additional sum of twelve dollars per animal per month for its care and feeding.

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