Sulphur Times-Democrat

by Congressman Tom Cole

In the United States of America, we have a longstanding tradition of coming together each year on Thanksgiving to recognize and reflect upon our many blessings. While some years produce a great deal of trials and hardship, it’s important to remember that there is never a shortage of things for which to be grateful. Like most, I can’t help but remember the first feast where the Pilgrims celebrated a bountiful harvest with Native Americans after rocky beginnings and heartbreaking losses. The resilience of the Pilgrims in dire circumstances and their providential partnership with Native Americans still reminds us of God’s perfect provision.

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by Dennis Muncrief

This week we have the Indian Pioneer Paper of Virginia Davis. This oral history was recorded by W.P.A. fieldworker John F. Daugherty, July 31, 1937, at Mrs. Davis’ home in Davis, OK. My father was Charlie Judkins, born in Richmond, Virginia, August 13, 1813. Mother was Katherine Gage Judkins, born in Texas, May 10, 1832. Father was a mechanic and ship builder.

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