Sulphur Times-Democrat

By Congressman Tom Cole

Even before he was elected President, Barack Obama had advocated the closure of Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp. Guantanamo is a U.S. Military Prison which incarcerates terrorists who have either plotted terrorism against the United States, or actually carried it out. To be clear, the inmates of Guantanamo are not men who committed crimes in America, they are men who have committed acts of war against America. They are not entitled to the Constitutional protections that every other American enjoys because they are not citizens of America, they are enemies of America.

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By Dennis Muncrief

This Indian Pioneer Paper was recorded by W.P.A. fieldworker Maurice Anderson on June 21, 1937 at Mr. Tom C. Fields’ residence in Elmore City, OK. I came to the Indian Territory in 1881. I came from Tennessee to Caddo, Indian Territory, on the train. At Caddo, I took the stage to Pauls Valley. The stage left Caddo at sunup and we got to Pauls Valley at midnight. It cost me ten cents to ride on the stage for one mile.

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