Sulphur Times-Democrat

By Jamie Petitti

About the time everything seems to be going along just fine BOOM! There’s a problem we are all involved in and we need to give it our urgent attention. All the years that I worked for the National Park Service we were constantly made aware of keeping it very clean and neat. Yes, there’s always a special division in ours and in all parks and Federal areas that sees that main training in such areas is of utmost importance!!!

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By Dennis Muncrief

If you have read the story of Mazeppa and Laura Turner, your remember that Mazeppa first settled in Stringtown, I.T. Here, they took the orphan Tom Hayes into their home. Tom was a year younger than Zep’s first child Lizzie. The very young Choctaw orphan was made a part of the family and moved with the Turners to their new home in the Arbuckle Mountains in the Chickasaw Nation. Tom and Mazeppa explored the Arbuckles together and discovered many amazing sights such Turner Falls and Honey Creek. They explored every cave together in the area. Later the Turner’s moved to Strawberry Flats where Rock Creek flows into the Washita River.

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