Sulphur Times-Democrat

By Jamie Petitti

Why in the heck do we hang on so tightly to things like our out grown clothes, broken plates, cracked coffee cups that could be a hazard? Imagine holding on to ball point fountain pens that no longer write. Do we think they are just taking a rest and will be back working sometime? We “know” that’s not going to happen - - but I have a drawer of them - - and why? Sort of like holding on to slacks that will no in anyway ever zip again.

by Congressman Tom Cole

Community health centers are typically held in high regard and enjoy widespread, bipartisan support in Congress. So last week’s revelation that three such facilities in New York had allowed AmeriCorps volunteers to assist in abortion procedures was especially disturbing. Specifically within the AmeriCorps Community HealthCorps program, AmeriCorps volunteers were instructed and trained by the National Association of Community Health Centers (NACHC) to act as “doulas” during abortions.

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