Strengthening Allies and Combating Adversaries in Europe

Despite much controversy and reporting surrounding the U.S. – Russia summit in Helsinki, Finland, America’s foreign policy with Russia under President Trump’s Administration has been stronger than the previous three administrations. But as the United States continues to fight the advances of Russian aggression, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is being strengthened by the joint actions of the U.S. and its allies. President Trump has taken a strong approach to encourage our NATO allies to increase their forces and invest further to build western end strength.

Vladimir Putin and the men and women serving in our intelligence agencies are not morally equivalent. Putin’s Russia has invaded two neighboring countries, illegally seized Crimea, cooperated with a brutal dictatorship in Syria, and tried to destabilize democratic regimes around the world. The Putin regime was involved in the murder of critics and defectors at home and on foreign soil. Clearly, neither Vladimir Putin nor the regime he heads can be trusted. These egregious actions must be countered at every turn.


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