Arbuckle Footnotes

Much has been written about the subject of the origin of the town of Sulphur Springs. It is unclear as to the exact date that white settlement began in the townsite that became Sulphur Springs, I.T. This is what is known. Noah Lael built a ranch house near the old Leeper House (old Park Headquarters Building) in 1878.

He later sold the improvements to Perry Froman. Remember now, you could not sell the land because it belonged to the Chickasaw Nation. You could only sell the improvements such as barns, houses, corrals and fences, orchards & crops, and livestock. Some say that there were stores at the old Gum Springs in 1885,or about then, but this could not be so. One pilgrim stopped to camp at the springs in 1886 and noted there was only one house on the hill above the springs, most likely Perry Froman’s ranch house. In 1887, a cowboy who drove a herd of cattle from Texas stopped at the Gum Springs to water and graze the critters for a few days. He also reported that there were no buildings, only the single ranch house, on the hill, above the springs. In 1888, a cowboy reported moving a herd to the area of what is now Antelope Springs and reported that no town existed. We know that Sulphur Springs was granted a post office in 1895. So, whatever happened to create a town did so between 1890 and 1895


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