Deregulating the Swamp

Ever since the historic election on November 8, 2016, the United States has gotten a glimpse of what to expect from a Donald Trump Administration. President-elect Trump ran on an unabashedly populist platform that consistently put America first. Even before being sworn in President Trump was instrumental in convincing several American companies not to relocate and move American jobs overseas. And the stock market has consistently hovered around historic levels since Mr. Trump was elected. For too long during the past eight years, Americans have been witness to leaders who seem to be completely oblivious to the dire needs of the American workers and taxpayers. Government overregulation and presumptuous attitudes by the Obama Administration have left Americans scrambling for jobs, losing business, using faulty healthcare and subject to burdensome labor rules. The result has been economic stagnation and record levels of underemployed workers, many of whom have simply stopped looking for work



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