Helpful Tips Offered For Parents
Helpful Tips Offered For Parents

Helpful Tips Offered For Parents

Now is a great time to get back to parenting basics to help prevent and cope with children’s temper tantrums and distance learning blues. It seems that everything around us is changing and our children are very sensitive to changes and they can often sense from their parents that something is different. Acting out is their way of reacting but you can help.

A toddler or young child expresses frustration and negative emotions with a temper tantrum, which typically involves screaming, hitting, biting or throwing themselves on the floor, “Because they can hurt themselves or others, it’s important to take steps to help prevent this behavior. When children are calm, parents can teach them how to breathe in order to calm themselves when the kids become frustrated. When parents see that a toddler or preschooler is becoming more stressed, they can help them calm down with breathing exercises.








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