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John Holman

So as we consider recent reports of ‘deadliest creatures’, it is not snakes(account for 60,000 deaths per year), nor is it sharks(at six human deaths per year). On a global scale, mosquitos are the deadliest with estimated 830,000 causes of death per year.

The good news, very few mosquitoes in Oklahoma are able to transmit diseases. Of the 60 plus species present in Oklahoma, only 7 to 10 species are considered medically important because of their pest status to humans. Disease transmission by mosquitoes is complex, and being bitten by a mosquito does not mean an individual will develop an illness. If a mosquito-borne disease is detected in Oklahoma the mosquito species transmitting the disease must be identified. Control measures targeting the biology and behavior of that particular species are then implemented to reduce pest populations and prevent further disease transmission.



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