Memories Of Mrs. J. B. Brashears

Memories Of Mrs. J. B. Brashears

Arbuckle Footnotes

This Indian Pioneer Paper oral history was recorded by W. P. A. fieldworker John F. Daugherty on October 29, 1937 at Mrs. Brashears’ residence in Sulphur, OK.

My parents were Dan Kirk, born in Missouri, and Melissa Dotson Kirk, born in Texas. There were three children in our family. I was born at Blue Ridge, Texas, on October 3, 1876.

When I was a year old Father began working on the Santa Fe Railroad grade as it came north, and my early life was spent in railroad camps. Mother washed for the hands. There was a commissary, which moved as the camps moved. It was where we bought our supplies.

About 1884, Father got hurt and could no longer work on the ‘grade’ so we went to live on the Washington Ranch, near Ardmore. My most vivid recollection of our life there is seeing them rope calves from another range, drive them onto their range and drive the cows back. I always felt sorry for the cows when their calves were taken from them. They bawled so pitifully.



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