Memories Of Shawnee Harper

This oral history is a little different than those we usually present. The W.P.A. fieldworker, Henry Day, recorded the history on the dates below. May 19, 1837 Interview Mr. Harper answered the questions as follows: I was born March 16, 1870, eight miles south of Dustin, Oklahoma. I am of Creek descent, Roll #8413.

This makes me 67 years old. My father, Ematha Yahola, was born near Hanna, Oklahoma, on South Canadian River, date of birth unknown. He died in 1914, west of Hanna, Oklahoma. He was a Union Soldier. They named him Little Creek during the Civil War. He belonged to Company C but don’t know what regiment. My mother’s name was Patsy. Don’t know her birth and do not remember the year she died. She was of Creek descent. Houses and church houses were built out of logs, daubed with red clay, mixed with crab grass and with a stick chimney. The houses had dirt floors, no windows and roofs were made of clap-boards. Most Creeks belonged to the Baptist Church. They taught school in the church houses. English was taught.


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