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A Rushed and Partisan Product

Weekly Column

Last week, House Democrats brought to the floor an enormously misguided piece of legislation that would limit free speech, weaken election security and redirect hard-earned taxpayer dollars to fund political campaigns. While the Democrats mistakenly called their hallmark H.R. 1 bill the “For the People Act,” a closer review and analysis of its content reveals that the legislation would be more aptly named “For the Politicians Act” or the “Welfare for Politicians Act.”

When H.R. 1 was first introduced, Speaker Nancy Pelosi claimed it would restore faith in government. Unfortunately, the legislation’s agenda is clearly one-sided—seeking to preserve and expand the power of the Democratic party and irresponsibly using taxpayer dollars to achieve that partisan goal. Filled with mandates that disrupt the constitutional role of states and egregious provisions that limit free speech, H.R. 1 is a rushed and sloppy attempt to rewrite voting laws, election laws and campaign finance laws to get more Democrats elected. Despite claims to the contrary, it is not a bill to ensure more American citizens exercise their right to vote or participate in making their views heard.

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