The Slave Narrative Of Joe Bean

When he first get sick, Master Dick was worried about the Federals coming and taking his money. He had gold and silver around the house, heaps of it. He stack it on the floor in long rows to count it before he sack it up getting ready to hide it from the soldiers or the stealing bands that rove around the country.

The money was buried by the master and an old slave man who was the most trusted one on the place. Folks heard about the money being buried and after master died some white man get hold of the old slave and try to make it tell where it was buried. The man heated an old ax and burn the old slave’s feet, but he never told.

Not until young Master Dick come back from the war. Young master was full of grieving when he find his daddy dead and the money gone. The old slave ask him, “What you worry so for, Master Dick ?’ Master Dick just set there on the porch, face buried in his hands.








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