The Wrong Way to Lead

The Wrong Way to Lead

Since President Joe Biden was sworn into office just a few weeks ago, he has signed a flurry of executive orders in an attempt to undo many policies of the previous administration. In fact, he has issued more executive orders than any other new president in American history. Alarmingly, many of the actions seek to dismantle existing policy on energy development and climate, foreign relations and immigration. While I understand that the Biden Administration is seeking to plot a path forward, governing by use of pen – rather than in collaboration with the legislative branch – is not the way to lead our country or usher in lasting solutions. Moreover, it will sow greater division nationwide rather than pave the way for the “unity” President Biden promised to foster for the American people.

Considering that legislative work in Congress has only just begun in earnest and since the Democratic Party, to which President Biden belongs, holds the majority in both chambers, it is baffling that the president has opted to act on his own so fast and soon. Indeed, by doing so, he has effectively signaled that he does not care to wait on lawmakers to deliver the radical policies he wants.








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