Badman Dick Glass (Part 2)

Badman Dick Glass (Part 2)

But what starts a man on the outlaw trail? Some sociologist might argue that it was the fact that Dick Glass was half Creek and half Negro. Maybe he was not welcomed by the Indian, black or white community. This can hardly be true as there were many people who were of this mixture and were solid, upstanding, hard working citizens. Some of the finest lawmen, such as Bass Reeves, of the era were of such ancestry.

Badman Dick Glass (Part 1)

One of the most vicious outlaws who ever hung out in the Arbuckle Mountains was named Dick Glass. He was born of Creek and Negro parents in the Creek Nation. When Glass wasn’t hiding out in the Seminole or Creek Nation, he often took refuge in the large black community that lived on Wild Horse Creek in the area of Ft. Arbuckle.

Preparedness is Key

Preparedness is Key

Oklahomans are no strangers to severe weather and the terrible destruction that can result from it. Our past experiences serve as a sobering reminder that we must be ready at a moment’s notice to face tornadoes and other unpredictable weather patterns. In Oklahoma, it’s not a matter of “if” but “when” that time will come.

Memories Of J. C. Moncrief

I thought it would be interesting to write about one of my relatives this week. This Indian Pioneer Paper was recorded by W.P.A. fieldworker Thad Smith on November 2, 1937 in Chickasha, OK. This IPP tells a lot about what life was really like in Indian Territory.


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