A Workforce Like None Other

A Workforce Like None Other

Every year, on the first Monday in September, most Americans take an extra day to relax, travel or spend time with their family, friends and loved ones. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, however, this Labor Day will be observed differently than usual. By no fault or choice of their own, many hardworking Americans have fallen on difficult times and are out of work. During these unprecedented circumstances, I encourage you to remember that these dark days are only temporary. Indeed, our country has proven its strength, tenacity and resilience time and again throughout our history. And I am confident we will do so again.

The Slave Narrative Of Joe Bean

When he first get sick, Master Dick was worried about the Federals coming and taking his money. He had gold and silver around the house, heaps of it. He stack it on the floor in long rows to count it before he sack it up getting ready to hide it from the soldiers or the stealing bands that rove around the country.


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