Addressing Syria

For the past seventeen years, the United States has been engaged in several military conflicts, primarily, but not exclusively, in the Middle East. Most recently, the United States worked in concert with British and French military forces, allies and NATO, to strike targets in Syria. This response to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s use of chemical weapons was an appropriate use of force well within the bounds of the authorities granted to the President of the United States in Article II of the Constitution.

The strike was conducted in direct support of international laws that have banned the use of chemical weapons since their widespread use during World War I. However, the Syrian people continue to suffer from violence and Assad’s illegal use of sarin and chlorine gas. In addition to the recent military response, a similar military reprisal was directed by President Trump in April 2017. At that time, the target was Syria’s Shayrat air base, which was the origin of the sarin nerve agent used by Assad to murder innocent men, women and children of his own people. He has not been deterred.


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