Oklahoma’s February Cold Right Up There With History’s Legendary Periods

Oklahoma experienced a historic cold air event during February, boosting the month into the company of other legendary frozen periods from calendar pages long torn away and discarded. February 1895, February 1899, and January 1930 all suffered through exceedingly long cold spells. More recently, December 1983 still lives in the minds of many Oklahomans as the bellwether of cold months, which followed those winters of the late 1970s when bone-chilling cold was simply a way of life; but those cold times were more than 37 years ago. Even February 2011 and its all-time state record low temperature of minus 31 degrees at Nowata, and all-time low wind chill of minus 47 degrees at Medford, still managed to finish only 2 degrees below normal. All the more shocking then to see the return of a generational winter blast, complete with ice, snow, and plenty of misery.

Memories Of J. F. Alexander

My father was Paul Alexander, born April 5, 1842 in Mississippi. He was a farmer and stockman. Mother was Elizabeth Coates, born in Mississippi, August 2, 1846. There were eight children in our family. I was born September 23, 1870, in Texas. I came to the Indian Territory in a covered wagon in 1893. I crossed Red River at Brown’s Ferry near Thackerville, and settled three cattle miles south of Ardmore. I lived there four years and moved to Troy in Johnston County. I was the first postmaster at Troy. The mail came from Tishomingo in a cart every day.

Tax Filing Tips for 2020

Earlier this month on February 12, tax filing for the year 2020 officially opened with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). As you begin the process of gathering your tax documents and preparing to file your tax returns, I wanted to share some suggestions and resources to help facilitate a smooth and more timely filing process.

Help Possible From Gov.’s State Of Emergency Declaration

Help Possible From Gov.’s State Of Emergency Declaration

As if our state hasn’t been through enough this past year, historic winter weather threw another wrench in the works, closing schools and government agencies statewide along with businesses. On Wednesday, the governor requested a disaster declaration for all 77 counties from the federal government for the winter storms that began Feb. 8. The president approved the declaration the same day, allowing cities, counties and tribes to be reimbursed for eligible emergency protective expenses relating to mass care and sheltering operations through FEMA’s public assistance program. It will also provide federal resources to help state and local governments with their continued disaster response.

The Beauty Spot of Oklahoma

The following article was written by CZARINA C. CONLAN in 1926. She was a member of the Oklahoma Historical Society and a contributing writer to the Chronicles of Oklahoma. I found this article very interesting and thought you might also like it. It is interesting to see how our area was viewed back in the 1920’s.


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